Community events

Centercode Events

The Centercode Success team hosts regular Office Hours to introduce new features and improvements. We also feature Ask Me Anything (AMA) guests to promote discussions with industry experts.

1: Find the Events category

In the channel list on the left-hand side of the page, find the Events category near the end of the list.

2: Register for upcoming events

When events are scheduled, you’ll see an alert below the server name and above the Welcome category on the left-hand side of the page indicating how many events are currently on the calendar. By selecting the event list, you’ll be prompted to indicate your interest or share the event in the event window pop-up.

3: Register for an Event

If you’d like to join an upcoming AMA or other speaking event, after opening the event window, simply select the “Interested” button on the bottom right corner of the event pop-up. Once you’ve registered your interest, the button will show a checkmark and “Interested” to reflect your registration.