Discord quick start guide

Getting Started with Centercode's Discord

Learn how to join and use the community to engage with professionals from around the globe and Centercode platform users, participate in relevant discussions, and get support from other professionals.

1: Join the Comunity

Go to Centercode.com/community, select “Free to Join”, or go directly to the Delta by Centercode server page.

Before joining the Centercode Discord server, you must have a Discord login.
Learn how to create one here.

2: Complete the #Welcome Survey

Once you’re in, you should automatically see the #welcome channel, simply answer the question about your intent in the community.

Those that select they are interested in being a tester will only be able to see tester-focused channels. Other selections will provide channels for networking, support, and best practices.

3: Find the #Intros

Select the #intros👋 channel and get ready to meet some awesome people in the community! We're all about having fun and getting to know each other. So, go ahead, and introduce yourself!

Share your name, your job title, who you work with, and anything that makes you unique. Help kickstart some amazing connections and have a blast!

4: Browse the Categories and Channels

Explore the various categories and channels on Delta by Centercode.