• 04 May 2023
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Article Summary

Integrating with Slack is a great way to keep you and your team in the loop on all of the feedback being submitted in Centercode.

Once configured, new feedback in Centercode will be pushed to Slack, adding an easy notification for you to keep track of and follow up on.

Slack Integration Overview


  • Consider what Slack channel you want to push feedback to - New feedback submissions will be pushed straight into this channel, so ensure that it's the appropriate place.
  • Use Slack as another way to stay in-tune with your feedback - Treat this integration as another signal to help keep you posted on the feedback coming in.

Beta Edition Limitations

  • No Slack integration - Beta Edition users can't access the Slack integration.


  • How do I turn off the Slack integration? - There are two ways to do this. Either unselect the channel that Slack is sending to, or Disconnect Slack entirely from your Centercode implementation using the Disconnect Slack button.

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